Parkour Stud Akira Jyn

Meet Akira Jyn, self-described as “the last of the romantics”, and who wouldn’t want to get cozy with this hard-bodied, super-strong, super-fit young urban warrior? Akira is into Parkour, that incredibly taxing, cityscape surfing. This means that Akira doesn’t need gym workouts, he builds his fantastic physique right out there on the streets! Cameras were on hand to capture Akira giving an impressive demonstration of his Parkour skills. After working up a sweat he retired for a shower and a little hot bodied sexual release. As you can see when he’s totally naked, Akira is BIG all over! Hot black muscle men like this are exactly why I created this site! Being able to see his rock hard naked body sure did fuel my fantasies of what it might be like to have Akira’s huge cock fucking me crazy!

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